Room Full of Language: Bedroom

Hey there!  We are back again to learn a bunch of sign language and English vocabulary for another room in our Room Full of Language Series!  I hope you find these helpful and are learning lots!  So far, we’ve gone over lists for the kitchen and the bathroom, and today I am sharing our list for the bedroom!  (See the bottom of the post for quick links to other rooms)

Here is a video of our Deaf Mentor, Susan, walking us through Odin’s room and teaching us signs. Enjoy!

Each of the words in our list below is linked to its “how to sign” video from an ASL dictionary (my favorites are Handspeak and Lifeprint.  Just click the word to watch the video and learn the sign!  Words that don’t have a link may not have a sign, so you would fingerspell those.  Fingerspelling is hard, but it’s an important part of sign language and for literacy for our Deaf and Hard of Hearing kiddos!  I have come up with some fun ways to practice your fingerspelling here.  If you’re interested in learning more sign language, check out my post on how to learn sign language!  I’ve compiled a ton of ASL learning resources for you 🙂 Happy learning!


Room Full of Language:


General room vocabulary:

  • Room
  • Bedroom
  • Door
  • Floor
  • Wall
  • Light, lamp – I would highly recommending reading all the explanations here!  There are lots of ways to sign “light”, and they all depend on meaning and context!  For example, are you referring to a lamp or an overhead light? I find that the illustrative way of expressing things to be an amazing part of sign language, but it also makes it more complicated and tricky!
  • Fan
  • Window
  • Blinds/shades
  • Curtain

Bed and bedding:




Do you have any words you’d like to add to our bedroom list?  I would love your input! Feel free to comment below.  Next we will go over Living Room vocabulary…stay tuned!

More Room Full of Language Series (Quick links!):

Thanks for reading!




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