Room Full of Language: Bathroom

Hi there!  Welcome back for the second installment of my Room Full of Language Series!   There is language all around us!  My goal with these posts is to help you learn to notice and use your environment to provide language to your kiddo – no matter where you are!  I’m also trying to cut out some of the legwork for you by categorizing all this vocabulary by room and linking each word in the list to an ASL dictionary 🙂

In my last post, we went over kitchen vocabulary, and today I am sharing my list for the bathroom!  Remember, each word below is linked to its “how to sign” video from an ASL dictionary (I used either Lifeprint or Handspeak, since these are my faves).  Just click the word to see the video!  If there is no link, that means there may not be a sign for that word.  Not to fret!  You can fingerspell it!  Check out my post on Fingerspelling, signing and wordplay activities to find ways to make fingerspelling practice more fun!

I’ve also included a video of our Deaf Mentor, Susan, teaching us bathroom signs!  Enjoy!

Room Full of Language:  BATHROOM

Toilet and accessories:

Sink area:

Bathtub/shower stuff:

Other things that you can find and label in the bathroom:

There you have it!  Some of these may be familiar or seem redundant from the kitchen post.  For example, you might have noticed that “cabinet” and “light” have been put on this list too.  That just means you have more opportunity to practice these signs since they’re in multiple rooms!  More bang for your buck!!  I hope you find this helpful!  If you’re looking for more ways to learn sign language, check out this list of ASL learning resources I have compiled for you.  There are ASL dictionaries, apps, youtube channels and more so that you can figure out what resources work best for you.  Comment below if you have any thoughts or vocabulary you would like me to share!

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