ASL Story Time: The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Language ideas and ASL Story Time with Susan ! 🤟📚 The Very Hungry Caterpillar 🐛 One of my favorite parts of Deaf Culture is the story telling!! Deaf can tell a story with their whole bodies…their hands, facial expressions, body movements, all without saying a word!  It’s incredible to see and makes for a very … More ASL Story Time: The Very Hungry Caterpillar

EHDI 2019: Chicago

Hey there! I wrote a guest post all about the EHDI meeting over at the Georgia Hands & Voices Guide By Your Side blog! Go on over and check it out! I provided some background information on what exactly EHDI is, as well as resources and and fun experiences from the conference! I’d love to … More EHDI 2019: Chicago

Why we sign

He’s not ignoring me. Odin has no idea I’m talking to him, even though I’m right behind him. He doesn’t hear me ask if he’s hungry or thirsty. He doesn’t hear my praise. He doesn’t hear me when I tell him love him. My voice doesn’t register in his precious little ears, and here he … More Why we sign

Fingerspelling, signing and wordplay activities!

Should I fingerspell to my baby or toddler?  Yes!!  It’s never too early to start fingerspelling, even if you know your child is not even close to knowing the alphabet yet! Fingerspelling is HARD and takes loooot of practice.  However, it’s a big part of sign language and super important to learn both for you … More Fingerspelling, signing and wordplay activities!

How can I add language to my child’s day?

Use your daily routines!  The cool thing about babies and young kids is that oftentimes, our days are relatively similar every day (eat, diaper change, play, diaper change, nap, diaper change, etc).  Sometimes this can feel mundane and boring, but you can totally use all that repetition to your advantage because that’s exactly how kids … More How can I add language to my child’s day?

What is a Deaf Mentor?

Well, I intended on posting our second VLOG during Deaf Awareness Week last week, but it has been quite a couple of weeks, and I missed the boat!  Continuing with awareness anyway!  😉   Hello again from Susan and Katie!!  In this VLOG, we introduce my little boy, Odin, and share a little about Deaf Mentors!   … More What is a Deaf Mentor?

Daily Listening Checks: How to Check What Your Baby is Hearing

What is a listening check and why should I do it?  A listening check is a simple exercise to help you make sure your baby is hearing and noticing the speech sounds you say to them.  You can do this exercise every day to tease out what particular speech sounds they are or aren’t responding to, … More Daily Listening Checks: How to Check What Your Baby is Hearing